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Newsreader Mode

Newsreader mode operates as a multi-stream news ticker with content being fetched in real-time:

  • Allows monitoring of content from multiple sources in a visually-appealing way
  • Streams of content frames flow across the screen, and can come from multiple sources, showing images, news items, videos, social media updates, and more
  • Pause streams for conventional newsreader mode
  • Play streams for real-time multi-stream news ticker
    • Stream scrolling speed can be adjusted in settings
  • Streams can be shown in expanded view (title above each stream) or compact view (title to left of each stream)
  • Intuitive gesture-based interface
  • If something catches the eye, lean in and click on it to read the full item, share, etc.
    • Tapping opens an item in preview mode, partially overlaying the newsreader
    • Double tapping changes to slideshow mode
  • Status indicators can be turned on or off for items
    • A color triangle means a new item has been fetched (five colors available)
    • A grey dogear indicates an item has already been read
  • Each item has an icon or watermark to indicate the type of content (Facebook status update, Twitter tweet, RSS news item, Flickr photograph, YouTube video)
  • Launch a full-screen browser to see the original source page for any item
  • Optional setting that allows read items to be grayed out or removed
  • A stream of interest can be zoomed to double or triple height by unpinching
    • Keep unpinching to change stream to fullscreen mode
  • Each item can be shared using Facebook, Twitter (tweet or retweet) and using email
  • More importantly, streams of curated content feeds can be easily shared with other StreamGlider users
    • Simply tap on a stream title, enter the email of who you want to share it with
  • A ‘shared streams’ button allows you to see streams that have been shared with you by other StreamGlider users
  • Suitable for use as an enterprise dashboard for employees, customers or partners