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StreamGlider is the first streaming newsreader app. It's also the first newsreader to truly let you design your own information and entertainment streams, the way you want.

Use StreamGlider to:

  • Keep up with developing news and interests in real-time
  • Browse and read through interactive magazine content
  • Show live interactive slideshows of photos, videos, news, and even social updates from Facebook and Twitter
  • Share news and content with your friends, customers, or teams
  • Distribute your own custom branded newsreader to your audience or customers

It offers new, eye-popping, features not found anywhere else, and also has key features you expect.

Check out our powerful features!

  • Real-time streams - Content flows in and ticks by as it becomes available in real-time
  • More ways to view your streams - As live tickers, as magazines, and even as a slideshow
  • Powerful search and filtering - Create streams that find particular content, just the way you want it
  • Mashups - Create streams that combine content from multiple sources (like your top 5 news sources in one stream)
  • More types of streams - Create streams for subjects or sources, as you wish; built in support for RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook
  • Stream sharing - Share articles and even entire streams with your friends, and followers
  • Private labeling - Distribute your own branded version of StreamGlider, set to the content you choose, to your customers (contact for details)

StreamGlider is available in two versions, Free and Pro:

  • Free - Limits the number of streams and sources you can track, and has ads.
  • Pro - Not limited, has no ads, is faster, and is more customizable. And is very inexpensive too.

What are you waiting for? Get StreamGlider now!

It's simply the coolest, most powerful, iPad newsreader app on the planet. And it's going to get more awesome in coming months.

Get StreamGlider and don't just crawl the stream, glide it!