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Nova Spivack and Jason Calacanis talk about StreamGlider on "This Week In Startups"

10 Nov. 2012 Posted by streamglider in iPad App

Co-founder Nova Spivack gives a brief overview of StreamGlider and answers questions from show host Jason Calacanis on episode #222 of "This Week in Startups". For the full TWIST show, see

Nova: "StreamGlider, just launched recently, which is a new platform for basically giving you your own white-labelled Flipboard."

Jason: "Oh, very cool. Stream... it's called?"

Nova: "StreamGlider."

Jason: "StreamGlider. Oh, that's a smart idea. So if I was a publisher..."

Nova: "Any brand can have their own Flipboard for their content."

Jason: "Genius."