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StreamGlider iPad Pro

StreamGlider is available in two versions, Lite and Pro:

  • Lite - Limits the number of streams and sources you can track, and has ads.
  • Pro - Not limited, has no ads, is faster, and is more customizable. And is very inexpensive too.

The Pro version lets you define any number of streams and elements. It removes ads and gives you more freedom than our free version to define the news and information environment you want.

Mix RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook together in custom designed Streams of information that move across your screen. Collect Streams into Groups of Streams by topic, interest, similarity, date, or anything else you wish.

You can use StreamGlider in a lean-forward, hands-on Newsreader Mode to let you read news and see new and interesting things from the Web. News headlines scroll across the screen and you can tap to drill deeper into the content of a story, a video, a tweet, or any of the content you see in the Streams.

StreamGlider can also be used in our lean-back Slideshow Mode as your photo and news presenter. If you like, select a stream with pictures from recent vacations taken from your Flickr account. Or maybe just that one special vacation.

And then there's Magazine Mode. One tap sets StreamGlider into Magazine Mode where the stories are fully presented in magazine style. You can read an entire story without exiting to a browser as each story can scroll independently on the page. Sharing and jumping to a preview mode or a full browser are still available. Switching from stream to stream or from group to group is simple and intuitive.

Streams can be subject specific or source specific. They can be built easily using the StreamGlider Origami Editor. And you can even create multiple groups of streams. StreamGlider is like having several magazines and information channels at once... All created by you, for you.

Stories, tweets, statuses, photos or videos can be shared with friends at the tap of a button. But entire Streams can also be shared with other StreamGlider users. You can even share a Stream with yourself, saving its unique view onto the world of news and information.

StreamGlider Pro also is available for Private Labeling with your branding, custom streams, and other customizations. Contact for details.

What are you waiting for? Get StreamGlider now!

It's simply the coolest, most powerful, iPad newsreader app on the planet. And it's going to get more awesome in coming months.

Get StreamGlider and don't just crawl the stream, glide it!