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Jennifer Zaino, 5 April 2012

StreamGlider iPad News Reader App Will Evolve To Help Businesses Correlate Diverse Data Sets

"The new geo-location support, he thinks, has applicability for the enterprise, too. As it tailors that capability and makes it a bit smarter, he expects it can be used, for example, to help mobile or field workers find resources such as local offices or on-site tools."

The Guardian Apps Blog
Stuart Dredge, 13 February 2012

Apps Rush: Adele, The Illustrated C, Zenonia 4, Live Score Addicts and More

"News aggregation app StreamGlider's Pro edition has gone free for iPad, helping people mash up RSS feeds with content from Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Faceboom into streams, complete with a Flipboard-style Magazine Mode."
Barry Alistair, 22 December 2011

DERI Champ Launches StreamGlider

" co-founder and DERI researcher, John Breslin, has launched StreamGlider today, a next-generation multimedia newsreader that competes with Pulse and Flipboard on the iPad, but is the first streaming newsreader app. The company says, StreamGlider provides a new way to distribute content to various platforms."

New Tech Post
Tom Murphy, 21 December 2011

StreamGlider: More Control Over Managing Content Streams

"John Breslin, one of the owners of New Tech Post, along with Nova Spivack and Bill McDaniel launched a new app for the iPad today — StreamGlider. It is a next-generation, multimedia newsreader that sets its stall out in the same corner of the marketplace as the likes of Pulse and Flipboard, but with a difference."

Leena Rao, 21 December 2011

Streamglider Takes On Flipboard And Pulse With Sleek Social Interest And News Reader For The iPad

"Streamglider is launching its iPad app today, hoping to disrupt the tablet news consumption and social reader space. Despite competition from Flipboard, Pulse, and many others, Streamglider believes that it provides the most comprehensive iPad experience to date for tracking your social streams, RSS feeds and more via the iPad."

The Guardian Apps Blog
Stuart Dredge, 23 May 2011

Apps Rush: Rio Ferdinand, Hunch Mobile, StreamGlider and More

"We noticed StreamGlider pop up on our feed of new iPad apps this weekend, but at the time of writing it doesn't appear to be available on the UK App Store, just the US store. It claims to be 'the first app to let you design your own information and entertainment streams. Mix RSS, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook together in custom designed Streams of information that move across your screen.' That would put into competition with Taptu."
Jennifer Zaino, 11 May 2011

Mobile InfoApps Get Context Aware With Semantic Technologies

"Now SemantiStar is about to release its first mobile device InfoApp, which it’s building for another startup, StreamGlider. It will be a news reader that, among its capabilities, will let users automatically get breaking news related to their current location. 'It has the ability to say I know where you are and here’s what’s happening there,' McDaniel says." Users also can choose to get news around a different location and build their own heterogeneous information sources that play across the screen in real time.


PDF Devices
Anuradha Shukla, 20 January 2012

Pulse App Download Reaches One in Every Two Seconds; News Reader for Kindle Fire

"While the present growth for Pulse was more on scaling and size, now that they have reached the pinnacle, the focus would move to making news more social, package given the depth of competitors – Taptu, Streamglider who are well curated and reputed newsstands – creating a unique niche."

Rip Empson, 19 January 2012

Pulse Jumped From 1 Million To 11 Million Downloads In 2011; Now Seeing Download Every 2 Seconds

"And, hey, with Streamglider, Taptu, and others, there’s plenty of competition to go around."

The Independent
Rhodri Marsden, 12 January 2012

All About Me

"It's [Flipboard] been knocking around on the iPad for a while, but the huge amount of interest in the iPhone version (1 million downloads in the first week) along with the launch of similar apps such as Zite, Google Currents for Android, Streamglider, and Pulse for Amazon's Kindle, feels like it's facilitating that law of Zuckerberg's: that we'll end up consuming all our media through the sharing process, curating for each other by cherrypicking the best of the web."