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Feature List

General Overview

Renders many kinds of media for reading and viewing in a unified experience (text, video, photos, social media, RSS, APIs
Combines three viewing modes (grid newsreader, slideshow, media magazine) in a single app
Pulls content from the Web for local storage and display
Allows real-time content streaming
StreamGlider is designed for rich media – including built-in video support
Enables mashups of multiple feeds per stream
Powerful combinations of preset feeds and personalized feeds via user or keyword search are possible
Provides a browsable catalog of content feeds
Gesture control for content navigation, increasing stream size, prioritizing streams, mixing feeds, etc.
Innovative “lean forward” (gesture) and “lean back” (slideshow) modes of use
For iOS (iPad) currently; iPhone and Android versions later

Mode: Grid Newsreader

Operates as a multi-stream news ticker with content being fetched in real-time
Allows monitoring of content from multiple feeds in a visually-appealing way
Streams of content frames flow across the screen, and can come from multiple feeds, showing images, news items, videos, social media updates, and more
Pause streams for conventional newsreader mode
Play streams for real-time multi-stream news ticker
- Stream scrolling speed can be adjusted in settings
Streams can be shown in expanded view (title above each stream) or compact view (title to left of each stream)
Intuitive gesture-based interface
If something catches the eye, lean in and click on it to read the full item, share, etc.
- Tapping opens an item in preview mode, partially overlaying the newsreader
- Double tapping changes to slideshow mode
Status indicators can be turned on or off for items
- A color triangle means a new item has been fetched (five colors available)
- A grey dogear indicates an item has already been read
Each item has an icon or watermark to indicate the type of content (Facebook status update, Twitter tweet, RSS news item, Flickr photograph, YouTube video)
Launch a full-screen browser to see the original source page for any item
Optional setting that allows read items to be grayed out or removed
A stream of interest can be zoomed to double or triple height by unpinching Keep unpinching to change stream to fullscreen mode
A ‘shared streams' button allows you to see streams that have been shared with you by other StreamGlider users
Suitable for use as an enterprise dashboard for employees, customers or partners
Ideal for use at events when projected / connected to a big screen
- Show multiple streams of tweets and photos from event participants, news updates, ads from sponsors

Mode: Slideshow

A lean-back mode that enables passive and ambient use cases
Supports live media streams
Leave it running on your desk and view interesting content as it refreshes constantly and ticks by
Use as a next-gen smart digital photo frame for image streams from Flickr, Facebook, etc.
Use at a point of sale or tradeshow booth
- Display real-time deals and offers, photos, product details, tweets, or news scrolling by in real time

Mode: Media Magazine

Each stream can be viewed in a media magazine or newspaper-type mode
- Therefore each magazine is generated from a stream of many feeds
Click the magazine icon up top to switch between this mode and the grid newsreader
Each magazine item can be scrolled through if it is longer than the display area
Tap on an item to preview the item
Navigate through streams using the panel on left
Swipe left and right to navigate through pages of the magazine

Streams Editor

Add streams composed of multiple feeds
Easy addition of feeds to streams by tapping a box to add a feed
Various ways to add feeds of content: select from featured sites; browse a directory of feeds; add presets for authenticated services (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google Reader); search for content by user or keyword from popular platforms; add RSS URLs
Drag-and-drop cloning of feeds between multiple streams
Reorder streams
Create pages of grouped streams (e.g. for separate views of tech, fitness, entertainment)

Account Integration

Login with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Google Reader accounts to auto fetch content from these popular services
Auto-generation of streams based on any or all of these services if desired
- For example, StreamGlider can pre-load your Google Reader feeds into streams

Social Sharing

Each item can be shared using Facebook, Twitter (tweet or retweet) and using email
More importantly, streams of curated content feeds can be easily shared with other StreamGlider users Simply tap on a stream title, enter the email of who you want to share it with

Private Labeling

Publishers can offer their own branded newsreaders for their content by private labeling of StreamGlider
Third parties can co-brand and redistribute versions of StreamGlider to their subscribers, pre-tuned to their content streams
For these organizations, this is a more cost effective way to provide their own branded apps
Publishers can log in to the StreamGlider server to manage their pre-tuned streams, the directory of feeds available to users, and featured sites